We are civil justice attorneys committed to seeing the truth prevail in our system. We practice in civil litigation with a focus on business and commerce and a goal to bring ethics and good business practices into the market place. Due to our interest in justice our firm does personal injury cases including premises liability where businesses are willing to risk the safety of their customers in order to save money. 

The courts are the one place where an individual or small business can go when they have been treated unfairly. It allows for the dispute to placed in front of our community, in the form of a jury, and justice (a balancing of the scales) to be given. This process brings real change without excessive governmental intervention, regulation and bureaucracy. Unlike other types of law, our common law springs forth from our community. Our mission is to guide you through this process, and bring about justice. 

We are not afraid to go to court or take on
the "tough" or &quo…